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coaxial cable RG213U


50 ohm cable commonly used for RF distribution applications.
Technical Specification:
Cable size group: C
Centre wire: 7/0.75mm bare copper
Dielectric: Polyethylene, 7.25mm OD
Braid: 192/0.18mm bare copper
Braid coverage: 98%
Jacket: PVC 10.3mm O.D., black
Impedance at 2MHz: 50 ohms +/-3
Capacitance (nom.): 100 pf/m
Velocity ratio: (nom.): 0.66
Conductor DC resistance: 6.3 ohms/km maximum at 20°C
Attenuation: MHz 100 200 400 700 1000
dB/100m: 6.9 9.8 14.8 21.3 26.9 (+/-0.1dB)
Weight: 14.4kg/100m
Reel length: 500 metres
Cut lengths: Available in any multiple of 1 metre