Can you use coaxial cable cable for digital?

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 Yes. Coaxial cable is the preferred method for carrying the signal. The important factor is the frequency of the signal that is being carried by the cable. Most coaxial cable that you will want for carrying your signal will be RG-6. This will handle signals for radio, television, and satellite receivers. 

It is not important whether it is an analog or digital program. Some manufacturers use a deceptive advertising technique and will emphasize that their cable is for digital signals. They want you to think that another competing product that does not make a claim to be for a digital signal is not suited for digital. The cable doesn't know the difference between a digital or an analog radio frequency signal. It handles both of them in exactly the same manner. 
Some important specifications to consider when selecting a coaxial cable are: 
-Bandwidth (what frequencies can it carry) 
-Attenuation (how well does it carry the signal without weakening it) 
-Impedance (proper impedance matching helps to carry the signal - most cable will be 75 ohm and will need to be used for 75 ohm equipment, 50 ohm cable for 50 ohm equipment) 
Don't use a long cable when a short one will do. A longer cable attenuates (weakens) the signal more. 
RG-59 can be used for short distances, but RG-6 is a much better choice.
RG-59 is not a good choice for HDTV or satellite signals, but it can be used for connecting a VCR to a television.


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